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News Letter and Report, December,January, 2021

Dear Brother Friends.

Praise the Lord!!
Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!!!
Praise God for everything He has done in 2020. Eventhou it was a challenging year, God has been with us in every step of our life. He has protected us with His unconditional love. It's all His Grace that we are still alive and praising Him for all the marvelous things He has done in our lives.

We are here with The Sharon Ministries December report. In midst of this Pandemic situation, we wanted to help some people with your help. Christmas is not only about celebrations but also share the reason why Jesus was born. We wanted to share God's love among poor.

Bible's, Blankets and Food distribution:
The temperature is very cold this year for us and there are people who were on the foot paths. Even though we are having strict pandemic situations we have managed to share the word of God and also help people.
We took permission from our local government and by taking all the precautions, we have given blankets, Bible's and also food to nearly 20 people who were sleeping on the roads. Here are some pictures:

      C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Downloads\IMG_8701.JPG

Sarees( Indian Ladies ware Dress ) distribution:
On Christmas evening we have distributed sarees to Poor  women who comes to our church and some of poor Yandi Trible wome and Poor Widows !  They all liked the sarees.
And on New year day also we gave sarees to the women who comes to the Zion Prayer Hall at our  Ongole town and Hadassa Sewing Center Women !                                                                               C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Downloads\IMG-20210110-WA0084.jpg     C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Downloads\IMG-20210110-WA0080 (2).jpg


With our home kids and church youth and gospel team we went caroling at RachavaripalemVillage and Zion Prayer Hall church members on 23rd and 24th December. We sang songs, distributed candles and greeting cards and prayed over  them and shared the good news that Jesus was born for us.
Few non believ ers invited us to pray over their house and family while we were caroling. We went and prayed and shared few testimonies too.
C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Desktop\carol.jpg   C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Desktop\carol 1.jpg


Few people accepted Christ as their Saviour and they wanted to get Baptised. So on New year, we wnt to a local river and prayer over them and gave them Baptisms.Glory to God alone!! Many non believers are now acccpeting God and are getting baptised. In 2021, our goal is to give baptisms to 100 people. So please keep praying.


C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Desktop\IMG-20210110-WA0010.jpg     C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Desktop\IMG_20210101_101112046.jpg


Love feast: On Christmas and New year we had Love feast. We invited some tribal and also few poor people who lives nearby our church and arranged Food. People who came to the feast are very poor, they are daily laborers,. So, we have arranged a small prayer meeting, shared few words about God and fed them with food.


C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Desktop\IMG-20210110-WA0050.jpg         C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Desktop\IMG-20210110-WA0049.jpg

We also conducted games for children, youth and also women this year by taking all the precautions. Everyone enjoyed playing all the games. On Christmas we gave gifts at our Church (Rachavaripalem) and on New year we gave gifts at Zion Prayer Hall.

          C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Downloads\IMG-20210110-WA0042.jpg         C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Downloads\IMG-20210104-WA0009.jpg          C:\Users\CH RAMESH\Downloads\IMG-20210110-WA0043.jpg


Though the situations are not good, yet we were able to do ministry with the strength given by God and with all your prayers and support. I thank God for all His greatness. Wishing you a year filled with health, joy and Grace of God to you and your family. God bless!!! 

Thank you for your Prayers and Love ! Please continue prayers for the ministry ! 

                                               God bless you 

In His Vineyard 

Rev. Ramesh Babu .Ch



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