Going Deeper 1/7/2019

An excerpt from yesterday's message... (full text and intro video attached)


Today is Epiphany, a celebration of light, a connecting to the Light who has risen upon us, a Light for the whole dark world.  So I say: Happy Epiphany!  And, hey… Happy New Year!  And while we are at it-- Happy New You!? 

I am going to ask you a personal question, not expecting you to give me an answer, but in hopes of causing you to think things—spiritual things, that is—through.  Perhaps God desires to provide an ongoing Epiphany for us.  Here is the question: Are you happy with the new you?

This is something I have been thinking through for myself.  As some of you may have noticed, I tend to never quite be satisfied or completely content with the state of things… including and especially my own self.  While I do experience a whole lot of gratitude for God’s gracious and ongoing blessings of my life, and I do feel good to be used by God, when I serve as a channel through whom God works to bless other’s lives, I still often sense I have a long way to go.

In other words, I think there still remains a lot of untapped potential… potential for growth, potential for healing, potential to move beyond weaknesses, potential to draw nearer to God, to experience His presence and His Spirit more profoundly and more powerfully.  Perhaps it is because we’ve just transitioned into a new year, but I’ve been thinking quite a bit about this, and I wonder if I’m the only one who senses the potential for a happier new me—more fulfilled, more useful new me. You don’t have to share your thoughts with me, but if you’ve sensed some of the same things, let me know if you want.  This really isn’t a journey for us to go on alone.

With You on the Journey,