Going Deeper 11/21/18

The Psalm for Christ the King Sunday...

Psalm 93   The Lord is king, he is robed in majesty; the Lord is robed, he is girded with strength.  He has established the world; it shall never be moved; your throne is established from of old; you are from everlasting.  The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their roaring.  More majestic than the thunders of mighty waters, more majestic than the waves of the sea, majestic on high is the Lord!  Your decrees are very sure; holiness befits your house, O Lord, forevermore.

One of the keys to good overall health is remembering that our God is an awesome God, an infinitely wise, gracious, powerful, and loving King.  In all of the history of the world, no human king or ruler of any kind has come anywhere close to being like God.  Not even close.

And yet the wisest human leader seeks to more and more recapture the image of God in which he or she was created.  This has proven to be rare and incredibly difficult throughout history because those in authority too often rule according to the ways of the world, where it is all about power and control.  Yes, God has infinite power and control, but God uses it only for good... especially for the good of all that He created and loves.

We do well to ponder the awesomeness of our God, as this Psalm does.  When we stop to consider the incredible beauty, wonder, and design of creation, it blesses us with a glimpse of the infinite power of the Creator.  And as we find ourselves awestruck by such thoughts, how moving it can be to stop and think about the truth that the Lord our God not only knows and loves all of us collectively but also knows and loves each of us individually.  

Our Creator knows everything about us... and loves us unconditionally.  Such thoughts are marvelous to consider!

   May 2019   
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