Going Deeper 04.19.2021
An excerpt from yesterday's message--Most of which is from Timothy Keller's excellent book, THE REASON FOR GOD...

Keller writes: “God did not create us to get the cosmic, infinite joy of mutual love and glorification, but to share it. We were made to join in the dance. If we will center our lives on him, serving him not out of self-interest, but just for the sake of who he is, for the sake of his beauty and glory, we will enter the dance and share in the joy and love he lives in. We were designed, then, not just for belief in God in some general way, nor for a vague kind of inspiration or spirituality. We were made to center our lives upon him, to make the purpose and passion of our lives knowing, serving, delighting, and resembling him.”

Yes, that is how we were created. But along came the fall into sin, and we lost the dance. Keller describes it this way: “We became stationary, self-centered. And according to Genesis 3, when our relationship with God unraveled, all other relationships disintegrated as well… We lost the dance. The dance of joyful, mutually self-giving is impossible in a world in which everyone is stationary, trying to get everything else to orbit around them. However, God does not leave us there. The Son of God was born into the world to begin a new humanity, a new community of people who could lose their self-centeredness, begin a God-centered life, and, as a result, slowly but surely have all other relationships put right as well.”

Brothers and sisters in this family of Christ, that is what is happening here. The power of Easter to save and transform our lives is an invitation to return to the dance in which we were originally created to participate. One last quote from Keller: “If the beauty of what Jesus did moves you, that is the first step toward getting out of your own self-centeredness and fear into a trust relationship with him. When Jesus died for you he was, as it were, inviting you into the dance. He invited you to begin centering everything in your life on him, even as he has given himself for you. If you respond to him, all your relationships will begin to heel… when we discern Jesus moving toward us and encircling us with an infinite, self-giving love, we are invited to put our lives on a whole new foundation.

Shall We Dance?
Mark Gabbert, Pastor
Zion Lutheran Church, Wellington
"Gratefully Growing Servants"