Going Deeper 03.08.2021
An excerpt from yesterday's message...

Here is where seeking to understand God’s purposes of giving the “Law” is both challenging and very important. Yes, in the context of repentance, God’s Commandments do serve as a ‘mirror’ which helps us see how far we fall short of the perfect obedience God commands. Without the Law, there would be no awareness of sin, and therefore no understanding of the need for grace. As Jesus would say many years later, He came to seek and to save the lost. Without the Law, we would have no awareness of our being lost.

At the same time, we must remember that God did not give the Commandments in order to show the descendants of Abraham how to obey Him in order to earn His favor or merit the salvation He provided. The Commandments showed them how to respond to God’s goodness.

Again… the Commandments are also a gift from the Creator/Savior. We are practicing true wisdom when we freely seek to align our lives with God’s Commands. The absolute truth is that by seeking—with the help of the Holy Spirit—to have no other gods and to foster an awareness of God’s holiness by revering His name, we are better off! We are also better off when we honor the need for Sabbath rest and worship, when we honor our parents, honor life, and honor marriage, and when we tell the truth. And we are better off when we do not covet.

Jesus calls us to repent and to follow Him, turning from deception and toward truth. We are so much better off (as is everyone around us!) when greed is replaced by generosity, when self-serving is replaced by a desire to serve others, when a desire for retribution is replaced by grace and forgiveness. When we learn to live for God and for others, which the Ten Commandments, summarized later by Jesus as being a desire to love and serve God and love and serve others, becomes what drives our lives, we discover the greatest joy and deepest meaning and purpose.

With You in His Love,
Mark Gabbert, Pastor
Zion Lutheran Church, Wellington
"Gratefully Growing Servants"