The Corinthian situation is one in which some of the church family members—called “weak” by Paul—were offended that other members were eating food that had been sacrificed to idols.  Those who were eating recognized that the idols who were being sacrificed to were not real, and therefore the sacrifices really meant nothing, and therefore they ate the meat from these sacrifices that was commonly sold in the markets, and did so in good conscience.  Paul urges them to take one for the team and not eat the meat.


These were the ones with knowledge, with correct understanding.  And they were correct—since the idols were man-made objects and not really gods, why not eat the meat?  Well… Paul tells them why: because they were causing those who did not yet understand to stumble, and since love is what really matters, Paul urged them to just stop eating meat if it causes trouble.  Love is more important than anything else… including being right or correct.


So, what do you know?  In light of this text, you might want to be careful how you answer that question.  We have to be careful when it comes to taking pride in how much we know about different things… including how much theology we know, how well we might know our Bible, how much we think we understand about right and wrong, or how much we think we know about what it means to live the so-called “good life.”  


In a sense, knowledge is overrated.  If we are not careful, we might reach the conclusion that we are saved by knowledge, by how much know.  Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.  Never forget, we are not saved by how much we know and understand, but by believing that we are saved by Who we know and love.  We are saved by grace, given to us as a gift from the One who knows and loves us just as we are and without limit.  We are saved by God, and according to 1 John 4:8, “God is love.”


With You in His Love,


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